PHS was contracted by a Fortune 100 mortgage loan company to upgrade the chiller plant control system for their data center. The goal was to design, install, test and certify operation of the new control system, with zero interruptions to the data center cooling requirements. The new system had to be fully redundant and provide multiple levels of backup for controllers, workstations, networks, power and sensors. PHS supplied an Emerson DeltaV Control System, and the engineering, software and planning necessary for the installation, while maintaining 100% uptime.The system has been installed for over two years and the customer is very happy with the reliability and simplicity. PHS performs quarterly preventative maintenance to ensure continued optimum performance. Plans are underway to migrate additional portions of the building to the DeltaV platform.


  • Looped Primary/Secondary Chilled Water Plant
  • 6 – 1000 Ton Redundant York Chillers
  • 2 – 350 Ton York Air Cooled Chillers
  • 4 – Variable Speed Secondary Water Pumps
  • 6 – Cooling Towers with Condenser Water Pumps and New Valves
  • Cooling Tower Sump Water Level Control (Radar Level)
  • Upgrade Domestic Water Systems Instrumentation
  • Monitor and Control Mechanical and Office Water Loops