PHS designs solutions that incorporate not only the best technology, but also the right technology, and integrates it to provide facility operators with an easy-to-use automation system that has unprecedented uptime. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and ability to meet scheduled deadlines to maximize customer satisfaction. Our design package provides a unique and detailed system layout. Furthermore, we use an unmatched industrial control system that provides operators complete control.

Project Execution

PHS utilizes a rigorous “Design for Start-Up” philosophy in its project management and installation practices. This approach incorporates critical testing prior to start-up and extensive use of custom software simulators during development.

Control algorithms are tested on our high-fidelity simulators where system response, transients and major faults can be observed and adjusted. This allows us to fine tune system responses and anticipate potential problems in a virtual environment. Commissioning scripts can be ran long before the equipment is assembled in the field, eliminating costly start-up hours. Our rigorous design practices result in painless commissioning and the industry’s fastest system implementation.

Click here to see a few examples of our drawings.

“Companies all over the world trust PHS with their data center control systems.”

PHS capabilities include:

  • Process feasibility studies
  • Automation consultation
  • Design & economic evaluations
  • Process flows
  • Scope development and project definition
  • Equipment selection and specification
  • Bid evaluation
  • Project management and coordination
  • Project subcontractor management
  • Procurement
  • Cost and scheduling
  • Validation
  • Installation check-out and start-up
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Training
  • Panel fabrication
  • Simulations
  • Energy management solutions

PHS can help you with these mission critical systems:

  • Tier III, Tier IV, Mission Critical HVAC Control Systems
  • Tier III, Tier IV Chilled Water Control Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Mission Critical HVAC Automation Consultation
  • HVAC Controls Design Evaluation
  • HVAC Instrumentation and Controls Equipment Specification
  • Training on Instrumentation, Valves, Controls and System Use
  • Control Panel Fabrication



Since no two facilities have the same requirements, PHS offers customized, comprehensive service plans featuring 24 x 7 support, preventive maintenance visits, alarm management, spare part inventory, diagnostics reviews, database backups and system upgrades.

Whether routine maintenance visits or unexpected repairs, all of our offered services are performed by highly skilled, dedicated engineers and technicians. PHS collaborates with local partners to provide expert and fast solutions when you need them.

Service support is a critical aspect of our business and is crucial for our customers. We are committed to providing exemplary service to ensure our customers are always supported. We give the customer comfort in knowing that when an emergency hits, PHS is there to support them.

The objective is to “Solve and Support”. We strive to perfect and maintain, whether through a phone call or on site at your data center. Some of the many services that we offer:


  • Preventative Maintenance Visits by Experienced Personnel
  • Factory Module Replacement
  • Lifecycle Support with Site Evaluation
  • Emergency On-Site Services including Telephone Support
  • Spare Parts Management
  • System Training

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