When we truly care about our customers and know that the work we do for them matters, it shows. Our customers consider us an extension of their team when we are fully invested. Our PHS team recently had this experience with a customer in Colorado.

On PHS projects, it is common that we work with a Commissioning Agent whose job is to oversee the installation and testing of all systems to ensure they meet the operational requirements of the client. A full Integrated System Test (IST) is the last phase of project. Proper testing and cooperation with the Commissioning Agent will typically lead to a successful IST.

That was the case on the recent in Denver, CO, and we received the following feedback from the Commissioning Agent about Tom Very, Automation Project Manager and Andrew Kohlmyer, Software Automation Engineer:

“I wanted you to know what a pleasure it has been to work with both Tom Very and Andrew Kohlmyer on our project. I believe this may be the first time in 15 years I have written such a letter. It was refreshing to work with people who obviously care a great deal regarding what they do. That is impressive given the tendency of this industry to beat the caring out of most people. Tom appears to have endless energy and was eager to continue at the end of the day when most of us had run out of gas and Andrew spent many hours on East Coast time assisting us after hours and while on vacation. I hope to have the opportunity to work these guys again on future projects!”

 A job well done, Tom and Andrew! Our customer also recognizes the entire PHS team who worked on this particular project: Tyler DiMartino, Systems Engineer, Tyler Brady, Systems Engineer, and Jason Poludniak, Field Engineer. This successful customer outcome was a team effort from start to finish!

Thank you to this team and everyone who treats our customers’ success like our own. Yeah, it matters!