Steph Milburn was nominated to the ECI President’s Club because she is an integral part of the success of PHS. She consistently demonstrates her devotion to successful customer outcomes with competence, care, a smile, and a positive attitude.

Steph maintains all of our high value inventory with a true passion. As new projects come in, the PHS teams can trust the inventory sheets to be accurate, dictating what needs to be ordered when and what we can be pulled from inventory. The team is always striving to avoid ordering more than needed, and Steph’s inventory management is critical to that effort.  This is not only critical to success but also has a tangible impact on the financial outcomes of the business.

During all of the post-COVID supply chain issues, Steph purposefully kept a very well maintained, accurate and updated lead time register for the most valuable and critical components. It was a constant effort for her to stay up to date with vendors’ lead times as they were constantly changing and had the potential to produce profoundly negative impacts to the business. She managed information from multiple suppliers in real-time and even established a connection with new suppliers in order to keep projects moving and avoid schedule slip.

Steph’s talent and dedication to delivering successful customer outcomes is noticed internally and externally. Her responsiveness and commitment to supporting the team shines in these examples…

  • While the team was on site, they ran out of some supplies required to complete the project. Steph was contacted and even though she was out on vacation, she responded instantly, ordered the necessary materials and having them delivered the same day. This enabled the completion of the fieldwork required to finish the project.
  • There was a delivery issue with products ordered for a pharmaceutical project. The shipping company was not able to deliver, despite having delivered to that location in the past. Steph diligently followed up, escalating the issue with the shipping company, and keeping the customer informed throughout. The order was successfully delivered, and the customer sent Steph the following feedback: “Thank you for the prompt delivery and the excellent support.”

Steph always is available to help the team. Packages continue shipping even when she’s on vacation and she responds quickly to emails, even after hours. She keeps morale in the office high, creates a positive work environment, and her passion for positive outcomes drives a culture of accountability.  She also finds the time to do all the little things that keep the workplace positive like keeping the refrigerators stocked, organizing team celebrations, always knowing where to find or get whatever is needed on a moment’s notice, and many other things that could easily go unnoticed but do not.

Thank you, Steph, for going above and beyond every day for customers and your team.