Last Friday, PHS hosted an “Engineers Week” Luncheon including challenges and games that each came with their own prize!

Congratulations to Jason Poludniak, who got the most answers correct on our “Engineer Quiz”!

And the big winner for the “Suspend” game ended up being Austin Kozar!

And John Davis came out on top in the “Keep It Steady” game!

But have no fear!! We haven’t named a champion in the Diamond Puzzle challenge as of yet… We’ve left a bag of wooden pieces on the kitchen table and are trusting that no one will Google the answer or look up tips before giving it a try. The person who takes the shortest amount of time will be declared the winner. Good luck to everyone – we’ll be sure to post who ends up winning!

It was so much fun to host a luncheon honoring our engineers who play a vital role in innovating solutions for our customers every day! How did you celebrate?