Congratulations, Tom Very!

Tom Very retired from PHS on July 5th, 2023. Tom joined PHS in November 2014, and has been traveling extensively since then to support our customers’ projects. Tom and his wife, Renee, are long time Pittsburgh residents and have three children, Katrina, Adrianna and James.

Tom graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1978. He then worked at Schlomann Siemag (now SMS Group), beginning his engineering and software career. One of the highlights of Tom’s career has been the travel. Tom has worked on projects in Russia, Ukraine, India, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico and China, and throughout the US.

Tom has had a successful career and says that he is ready to spend some time on his back porch. Tom and Renee are looking forward to spending more time together and will enjoy bike riding, pickleball, skiing and visiting the kids.

Good Luck, Tom! Please join us in wishing him a long, happy and healthy retirement!