Matt Lucero was nominated for the ECI President’s club because of his commitment to excellence and indispensable expertise.

Matt is well regarded as a true team player and a critical contributor who makes a significant impact on every customer project he touches. A recent project highlights the level of commitment that Matt brings to each customer interaction…

Throughout both the water-side effort and air-side effort of a Wonderware and Allen Bradley retrofit, many team members stepped up to help us progress through this ambitious project. Matt stepped in and willingly took on a role that was never assigned to him. Matt voluntarily filled in for an unexpected absence, joining the on-site team during the most critical period of the water-side cutover.

Matt’s experience, knowledge and reputation with the customer gave both PHS and our customer’s teams peace of mind that everything would be completed thoroughly, safely and to the customer’s high standards. Numerous Sequence of Operations questions, mostly involving plant mode transitions, were addressed quickly and confidently by Matt. His ability to quickly absorb and understand a SOO that someone else had engineered was essential to ensuring mission-critical operations were uninterrupted at one of our customer’s flagship facilities.

Beyond excelling in his role as Systems Engineer, Matt has served as a mentor to many of his team members. Matt is always eager to both teach and learn. His mentorship and friendship have made an impact throughout PHS. His technical knowledge of the systems we represent are what makes PHS a gold standard in the industry.

Thank you, Matt, for becoming a trusted product expert internally and externally, and for always striving to deliver a high level of service that ensures customer satisfaction!