Our commitment to delivering successful customer outcomes includes not just our external customers but also our internal customers. When we share talent and resources between our teams, we increase our efficiency, disseminate knowledge, and reduce costs. Internal collaboration is essential to success.

Last summer, PHS assisted ECI with the setup and testing of two skids. PHS helped with the automation configuration and checkout of the skids. After this effort was completed, we determined a test PLC and HMI program could be used to reduce the testing time significantly. With the development of the software, we could turn this effort over to ECI and minimize the time and cost of PHS’ participation.

The new software was developed and tested by PHS’ Austin Kozar, Process Control Engineer, and Jacob Douglas, Process Control Engineer, working with Skid Tech’s Jeff Ratay, Project Manager, and Electricians Steve Stewart and Doug Long on two more skids. ECI recently used the software to test the latest skid. No additional PHS time was required, resulting in a savings of 24-32 hours of effort. The new software is now being used for automation, electrical and pressure testing of the skids.

Thank you to this team and to everyone who is committed to developing solutions that drive internal efficiency. Yeah, it matters!